Meeting the Unique Challenges of the Family Business for 25 Years

The Family Business Program helps family businesses adapt and thrive in today’s rapidly changing economic and business climate. Through business and family-systems programming, we help you prepare and propel your business through innovative business strategy, organizational structure, management practices, human resources, leadership development, and succession planning. Equally important as learning from such programming, the Family Business Program is a collaborative, member-driven initiative, allowing you to share challenges and solutions and learn from each other through our network.

There are many ways to participate:

  • Events: Attend our online and in-person events to hone skills, network with other business owners and learn from UConn Business faculty, alumni and more.
  • FBP Internship Program: Bring a UConn School of Business student aboard to work with your family business.
  • Courses & Programs: Send a student to our undergraduate, graduate and/or certificate programs.

Leaning on the academic backbone of UConn's School of Business, we offer a unique opportunity to learn from professionals, experts and peers in an unbiased, confidential environment. We promise a dynamic educational experience, rich in take-home value that will challenge your intellect, enhance your business skills, and prepare you to effectively lead and manage your family-owned enterprise.

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